What Are Functional Mushrooms?!

What Are Functional Mushrooms?!

We all know what mushrooms are, but did you know some of them have superfood superpowers? Certain mushrooms, known as functional mushrooms, have some serious capabilities for improving our well-being. Today we’re giving you an intro to our favorite functional mushrooms, breaking down their benefits, and showing you the best way to take them that’s *actually* delicious. 

What are functional mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are a specific subset of fungi with health benefits that go beyond just the nutritional. These mushrooms have a long history of medicinal use in ancient cultures and a growing body of scientific evidence supporting their benefits, which can run the gamut from improving cognitive function to energy to stress management. 

Meet Reishi:

One of the most recognizable functional mushrooms is Reishi, a.k.a. “the mushroom of immortality.” Reishi, which has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years, is best known for its stress-modulating properties. It works with our nervous system to regulate our stress response and help us achieve a more balanced state. Reishi can also increase the activity of your immune system’s lymphocytes, which help our bodies fight off infection! 

Meet Turkey Tail:

Like Reishi, Turkey Tail is also well-known for its immune-boosting benefits. It’s incredibly rich in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and help keep us healthy, and polysaccharides that help bolster our immune response. Turkey tail also contains tons of prebiotic fiber, which is key for maintaining a happy gut

How to add functional mushrooms to your routine:

There are tons of mushroom tinctures, powders, and supplements out there, but a lot of them just taste pretty yucky. That’s why we made Shroom Shield – a creamy, plant-based cocoa with all the health benefits of Reishi and Turkey Tail, but none of the funky mushroom flavors. We also paired these all-star shrooms with fermented cacao, which has been shown to increase the production of anandamide, also known as “the bliss molecule,” in the brain. 

You can add Shroom Shield to your morning coffee, make a Shroom Latte or smoothie, or even bake it into brownies or superfood rice krispies

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