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Easy, superfood-boosted essentials for inner and outer radiance.

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Made with turmeric, coconut, and ginger. An easy, delicious boost to your morning routine.

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Original GOLDE $ 29.00

Our original turmeric formula

Matcha GOLDE $ 29.00

With matcha green tea for energy*

Cacao GOLDE $ 29.00

With cacao for stress balance*

How to enjoy

Boost your wellness routine from anywhere. Just add to water, milk, coffee or smoothies. 

"Golde has become an integral part of my daily wellness practice ... I noticed an immediate increase in energy and clarity and it has also served as potent anti-inflammatory."

-Ricci K., real-life customer

"I loved it! Not just the taste but I think it had an effect on my acne and overall skin appearance! Before I knew it I finished the bag."

-Courtney W, real-life customer

"A daily cup of Golde has greatly helped with my tennis elbow and post-workout soreness. I’m no longer taking ibuprofen every day. Doesn’t hurt that it tastes delicious."

-Louis H., real-life customer

"I've been using the original in a cup of hot water every morning and it has truly made a difference in my skin and my overall gut health. It gives me energy for a morning work out and for my workday and I honestly can't wait to try more products!"

-Christina L., real-life customer

"This addition to my smoothie blends right in, no grainy texture, and adds a dash of color (not to mention all the other benefits)."

-Ruby K., real-life customer

"I’m officially addicted! This mix tastes amazing and gives a natural buzz."

-Chelsey D., real-life customer

Our philosophy

We believe that being well should feel good. Our products are always easy, delicious and totally natural.

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