Superfood Skincare: An Introduction

Superfood Skincare: An Introduction

We all know superfoods are great for your body, but what can they do for your face?

Our new face masks are packed with real superfoods to deeply nourish your skin. Superfoods are our go-to for skincare thanks to their natural abilities to heal, detox, and even exfoliate.

If stress and pollution are leaving your skin feeling dull, red, or broken out, consider Clean Greens your anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Loaded with green superfoods like chlorella and spirulina, this mask is our superfood antidote to late nights and early mornings. It’s balanced with mango juice for a boost of fruity vitamin C, so it’s pretty much a green smoothie for your skin.

If you’re after a brighter, smoother, more even complexion, reach for Papaya Bright. Peruvian lucuma fruit is the star of this mask, boosting your skin with essential nutrients like  beta-carotene and zinc. Papaya extract works to gently exfoliate, reducing scars and dark spots, while sea buckthorn berry delivers a boost of antioxidants to promote brighter, more even skin.

Both of the new superfood face masks are made with 100% edible superfoods, so they’re clean and gentle enough for all skin types. For best results, we recommend alternating between the two formulas up to 3 times a week — just add a few drops of water to the powder extracts to instantly activate. For a facial juice cleanse, go for our Clean Greens mask. Or pick up the Papaya Bright mask for a glow so bright you won’t even remember to reach for your highlighter. Either way, your skin will be thanking you.

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