5 Things To Do While Masking

5 Things To Do While Masking

Putting on a face mask is the perfect time to chill, but if you’re looking to switch things up, there’s so much you can do with those 10 minutes. We asked our community and did some research of our own to find the top 5 things you can do the next time you’re masking! 


1. Journal 

Take this time to pause and write down your thoughts, what you’re grateful for, and to check in on yourself emotionally. Journaling can also be a fun time to plan your next adventure or think through an upcoming project.


2. Find your next recipe on Pinterest

Masking is the perfect time to plan your next superfood recipe. If you’re ready to try something new, 10 minutes is all you need to discover your new favorite treat. From matcha loaves to vegan cheesecake bars, we’ve got all the inspo you need on our Recipes board


3. Folding laundry (and other tasks you’ve been dreading)

Self-care + productivity = major feelings of accomplishment. The next time you mask, pick a (quick!) item on your to-do list to tackle. In no time you’ll be both glowing and accomplished. 


4. Quick 10 minute recipe: Beauty Bombs

These have been Team Golde’s go-to breakfast, snack, or dessert. They are fast to make, full of healthy fats, and perfect to eat while masking. 


5. Dance! Dance! Dance! 

If you’re ready to feel energized, shaking it out to music is the perfect mood booster. Grab your headphones/speaker, blast your favorite tunes and dance it out!


We hope these tips are a fun source of inspiration for the next time you reach for your Clean Greens or Papaya Bright face mask. We love when our community tags us in their masking selfies, so don’t forget to share your next multi-tasking masking moment! 


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