Mix and Mask: Easy Superfood Face Mask Recipes

Mix and Mask: Easy Superfood Face Mask Recipes

Loaded with 100% superfoods, we’ve got two face masks that cover all the bases: Papaya Bright and Clean Greens. We totally want you to feel empowered to mix and mask in any way you like.

If simplicity is the name of your game, prep your mask by simply adding a few drops of water to the powder formula. You’ll want a thicker gel consistency for the perfect night (or morning!) of masking. For a deeper treatment, try adding your favorite all-natural skincare boosters. Because the Superfood Face Masks are made with 100% pure superfood extracts, they’re versatile enough to compliment a range of natural beauty recipes. 

If Papaya Bright is doing wonders for your skin already, try adding a few drops of raw honey to give your skin a natural glow and create a flawless base for those bare-faced days or active nights out. Honey reduces redness and inflammation on the face and can heal hyperpigmentation from breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis. Paired with the gently exfoliating fruit acids in Papaya Bright, it’s the perfect match for smoother, softer skin. 

Another combo we love is activating Clean Greens with plain yogurt. While it’s common knowledge that yogurt is great for inner wellness, its superpowers extend to your skin health as well. Yogurt is full of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B, calcium, zinc, and lactic acid. Adding yogurt to the chlorophyll-packed Clean Greens nourishes your skin with key nutrients while gently detoxing and taming inflammation 

Your perfect DIY mask is out there! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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