Meet Chlorella, Your Skin’s New Favorite Green Superfood

Meet Chlorella, Your Skin’s New Favorite Green Superfood

Chlorella! Don’t know her? Well, you should.

Chlorella is a freshwater algae and superfood packed with a superior green pigment known as chlorophyll. If you can think back to elementary school science, chlorophyll is the pigment that makes plants green and healthy. It has an abundance of health and wellness benefits and is rich in protein (yay, amino acids!) iron, and vitamins A, B, and C.

We love to use Chlorella for our skin to improve its overall tone, restore the production of the skin’s collagen, and fight against aging and permanent sun damage. And chlorella knows no bounds; she’s great for all skin types and calms unwanted redness and inflammation on the skin that we all suffer from time to time.

With its rich antioxidant properties, you could also consider chlorella your skin detoxifying hero and newest accessory this season; pair our Clean Greens mask with your current nighttime regimen and wake up to summer-ready skin. If you’re spending time in the city this summer, our mask is perfect for protecting the skin against the effects of pollution we face everyday without even knowing it.

Whether you’re drinking it, eating it, or putting it on your face, chlorella is the superfood everyone needs in their life right now. Throw some chlorella into your routine and reap the benefits of its greeny goodness.

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