Meet the Founders of Canyon Coffee

Meet the Founders of Canyon Coffee

We’re so excited to partner with our friends Ally and Casey from Canyon Coffee on our new Canyon x Golde kit! The perfect set for V-Day gifting or a sweet self-care moment, it includes the best of coffee, superfoods and chocolate – all from small businesses. 

We chatted with Ally and Casey to talk all things entrepreneurship and running a business as a couple! Read on for more about their story, morning rituals, and favorite ways to unwind:

Tell us the story of Canyon Coffee. How did you get started?
Canyon grew out of our mutual passion for coffee, which started back when we first met. We were both constantly on the road for work (Casey as a touring musician, Ally as a model), and finding great local coffee shops wherever we found ourselves became our favorite pastime. At home, making coffee for each other became a ritual we cherished. Our growing interest eventually led to us starting to work in the coffee industry, which is where we met our friend James Klapp, a talented roaster. 

In 2016, we started Canyon out of our apartment, with James roasting on another coffee company’s equipment after-hours. From the beginning, we’ve roasted certified organic, single origin coffees, and we roast them to be easy to extract and make taste great—black!—whether you’re a barista at a specialty shop or brewing a pour over at home. 

We started out by doing lots of pop-up events, launching a coffee subscription, selling coffee, ceramics & home goods online, and wholesaling to boutique shops. Six years later, we’ve grown to become a full-service coffee roaster, wholesaling coffee and supporting the coffee programs of other businesses like restaurants, hotels and offices. We introduced an instant coffee that NYTimes called “The Best Instant.” We’re also about to [finally!] open our very first coffee shop, in Echo Park here in Los Angeles!

You’re partners in business and in life. What has been the most rewarding part of owning a business together? 
Reflecting on the past six years, being able to work together to bring a vision to life definitely feels rewarding. On the day-to-day level, we’re grateful to be our own bosses and control our schedules. This has proven especially helpful since our baby boy Sonny entered the picture! 

Finally, travel has always been a special and important aspect of our lives; as individuals, as a couple, and in the creation and growth of Canyon. Being able not only to travel together, but to do it as part of our job, is definitely up there as one of the most rewarding aspects of owning Canyon together.

What are your favorite ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance? 
We really prioritize protecting our nights and our weekends. This extends not just to external communication, but between us as well. It’s so easy to get excited about a new idea and want to talk about it, but we value being able to turn off and focus on life outside of work. Going on weekend trips, hikes, making dinner together, going out for lunch or dinner. 

We also have always valued having our own individual time. To get creative, to have solo time, to catch up with friends. Now that we’re parents, we’re even more intentional about creating that time for ourselves and for each other. It’s how we are able to show up as the best versions of ourselves, which is better not only for us but for everyone we interact with!

When is your Golden Hour – your favorite time of the day for self-care and feeling your best?
As coffee people, it should come as no surprise that we love our mornings! It was actually the ritual of coffee — making pour overs, in particular — that really led to this reverence for that first hour or two after we wake up. Giving ourselves permission to ease into the day; make a cup of coffee for each other, meditate, journal, read, go on a walk. Taking that time in the morning to simply, truly enjoy life sets us up better for each day. This has held true with our baby, as well.


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