How To Upgrade Your Coffee

How To Upgrade Your Coffee

If you're a daily coffee drinker, you can still have fun with your morning routine! We compiled a list of our favorite ways to upgrade our daily coffee ritual. Everything from shroomy lattes to how to make frothy milk at home! 

How to upgrade your coffee:

  1. Boost with Turmeric
    Our community loves to spice up their morning coffees with Original Turmeric. Not only does it add flavor but you get the added benefits of turmeric (hello skin and gut health!). Check out our Turmeric Coffee Latte Recipe to make your own.
  2. Make It a Mocha
    Big fan of mochas? Add 1 tbsp. of Shroom Shield to your espresso shot and enjoy the benefits of reishi and turkey tail mushrooms.  Check out how to make the perfect shroomy latte here.
  3. Get Frothy
    A simple hack to upgrade your coffee is to create the foamy milk of your dreams with Superwhisk. In a cup, add milk, froth for 1 minute and watch as the foam doubles in size!

Share your coffee routines!

We want to see you upgrade your coffee! Snap a pic of your coffee, post it to Instagram and tag @golde or share your video with us on TikTok tagging @hellogolde!

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