Top Five Face Mask Tips with Rodrigo Robles

Top Five Face Mask Tips with Rodrigo Robles

Our community is always asking for tips + tricks for our face masks. So, this week we connected with #ClubGolde's Rodrigo Robles (@rodriegorobles) to share our top 5 face mask tips. Read along to find out how you can boost your masks and get to know Rodrigo.


Top Face Mask Tips: 

  1. Invest in a face mask brush. Applying a mask with a brush limits the amount of product lost, makes it easier to apply, and leaves your hands clean
  2. Use baby/face towels to take off the face mask. This is specially game-changing to prevent any mess, but also for those of us with sensitive skin
  3. Multitask. Apply the face mask before showering and wash it off in the shower. Say goodbye to the post face mask sink mess!
  4. Rodrigo's tip: when your face is usually dry, and you still want to do an exfoliating mask, add some oil drops in to add some hydration
  5. Most importantly, have fun with it! Our face masks can be boosted with more than just oils. Try adding honey or yogurt to them for an extra boost


Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

My name’s Rodrigo, living in sunny Arizona. I’m a content creator and photographer on the side. I’ve been really into hiking and the outdoors recently, it’s very soothing—being from Arizona, there’s a whole lot to explore. Fueled by caffeine or a nice cold matcha. I’m also an Aries.


What is your favorite GOLDE product and how do you use it? 

Besides the Clean Greens mask, which I’m obsessed with—I think Pure Matcha. I have a cup either every morning or an afternoon pick me up. I usually drink it with Topo Chico or coconut milk, I don’t even put any sweetener, love the original taste of Golde’s matcha.


What is your Golden Hour? 

Mornings. Definitely an early bird, so I like to wake up early and get my day started with a cup of matcha or coffee, take my vitamins, and make it to the gym. All this and breakfast before 9am, and that’s what I like to call a productive, feel-good, morning.


How would you describe your fashion sense/where do you draw fashion inspiration from?   

I feel like my style is always changing, as new trends happen, and that gets me excited to try it out. I will say that I like a casual look, dress up; and a dress up look, casual. There’s no rules. Sweats & dress shoes. I like bold trends and pieces that inspire me from women’s fashion, because honestly women are a muse.



Share your masking moments!

We love seeing our community's tips + tricks so don't forget to tag us in your next masking moment. Share your picture on Instagram and tag @golde or show us how you mask on TikTok and tag @hellogolde!

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