The Golden Hour with Hannah Harris, Creator of @browngirlhands

The Golden Hour with Hannah Harris, Creator of @browngirlhands

We sat down with Hannah Harris, the creator behind @browngirlhands to chat through what motivated her to build her platform and how she approaches wellness. Read on to get to know her and how she stays grounded. 

Tell us more about Brown Girl Hands, and what motivated you to build this platform. 

I was motivated to start Brown Girl Hands after reading an article titled, Where Are All The Brown Hands. As I read it, I thought to myself: I'm right here, what do you mean where are all the brown hands in the beauty community? That's what keeps me going. Every day that someone finds out about our mission, what we do, and why we exist, is a good day. 

With so many exciting projects going on, do you have any daily routines that help you feel grounded?

I try to take care of myself internally, so I can be my best self externally. That typically means a daily routine of Shroom Shield for immunity and stress defense and fiber for my less than normal digestive system.

What does self-care look like for you?

For me, self-care is rooted in movement and treats. I love to eat desserts like cookies (great place to add Golde Cacao Turmeric Blend) and ice cream and popsicles. My body also craves movement, so I often bike as my method of transportation around Savannah as well as lots of yoga and pilates.

As a digital creator, where do you find inspiration, and how do you avoid burnout?

As an online creator, to avoid burnout, I really have to take breaks to spend time offline with tangible things, that can be as simple as reading in the park. So much of my inspiration comes from literature and art and stillness.

What’s your Golden Hour?

My Golden Hour is in the morning, when the sun is out and I'm on a bike ride through the savannah trees. There's no better feeling than riding down the hill with the sun on your face and I can't help but smile.


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