Meet Coconut Collagen Boost

Meet Coconut Collagen Boost

The Golde family keeps getting bigger! Meet Coconut Collagen Boost, a plant-based beauty boost that supports your body’s own natural collagen production for hair, skin, and nail health.

Why did we create Coconut Collagen Boost?

It’s the vegan beauty booster we wanted to see in the world! We were inspired to create a 100% plant-based, affordable collagen booster that fit seamlessly into our daily routines. 

What makes Coconut Collagen Boost super? 

Our 100% plant-based collagen booster is formulated with 6 simple ingredients: coconut milk, bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, biotin, natural vanilla flavor and monk fruit. Oh, and the flavor! It tastes like a coconut cloud, blends perfectly with your go-to coffee, matcha or superfood latte. ☁️

How do I use Coconut Collagen Boost?

Coconut Collagen Boost can simply be added to your daily coffee, matcha or superfood latte. Also yummy in smoothies, oats, and more! Click here to learn how to make our favorite Creamy Collagen Latte.



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