Issey and I started Golde in 2017: at the time we were a young couple, building a life from our Brooklyn apartment. Golde was born from our desire to create something good together — something natural, nourishing, and creative. What began as hand-blending turmeric mixes together slowly grew to a dynamic vision of creating ritual-worthy products for wellbeing.

As the years have passed, we’ve evolved from a tiny startup to a growing small business. We are proudly family operated, and prioritize working with our fellow women and minority-led enterprises throughout our supply chain.

Today more than ever, the world needs moments for pause and care. We’re proud to create the products that remind us to invest in those everyday rituals. We’re all dreaming of a better world, and the first step is by showing up as our best selves. Go ahead and nourish yourself. We’re so happy to help.

With love,
Trinity and Issey

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