Meet Shroom Shield

Meet Shroom Shield

We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our Golde fam! Meet Shroom Shield, a creamy cocoa blend for your daily boost of functional shrooms.


Why did we create Shroom Shield?

We wanted an easy way to get more functional shrooms into our routines without all the funky flavors. Enter Shroom Shield: a plant-based blend of 7 superfoods, boosted with reishi and turkey tail mushroom! You can think of it as a grown-up, creamy cocoa blend formulated for daily immunity and stress support. 


So, which mushrooms make Shroom Shield super? 

  • Turkey tail is packed with antioxidants and prebiotics to support immunity and gut health.
  • Reishi, aka “the mushroom of immortality,” is a powerful immune-booster that has also been studied to support mood and stress defense.

Both turkey tail and reishi mushrooms have been used for centuries in herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine for their long-revered wellness benefits.


How do I use Shroom Shield?

Shroom Shield can be added to hot water, milk, coffee any time of day — or try boosting your morning smoothie! Click here to learn how to make Team Golde’s favorite Iced Shroom Latte.



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