Meet The Sunrise Glow Latte Set

Meet The Sunrise Glow Latte Set

We’re so excited to announce The Sunrise Glow Latte Set, our latest limited-edition kit made in partnership with our friends at Wooden Spoon Herbs! It’s so special to us to partner with a fellow woman-owned small business on this perfect latte set. Founded by expert herbalist Lauren Haynes, Wooden Spoon Herbs is on a mission to bring herbal nourishment into the everyday. 

Their Herbal Coffee is a full-bodied rich, roasty blend of roots and herbs that support energy, mood, and healthy digestion. The typical cup of coffee can be pretty rough on the digestive system, but Herbal Coffee is caffeine-free and rich in prebiotics – which makes it a morning bev that’s actually *good* for your gut! Powered by natural ingredients like chicory, dandelion, and maca roots, Herbal Coffee promotes a healthy gut and balanced mood. 

Herbal Coffee is even more delicious combined with our cult-favorite Coconut Collagen Boost. A seriously heavenly vanilla creamer, CCB features 100% vegan ingredients like bamboo extract and hyaluronic acid to boost your natural collagen production. This means naturally glowing skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails – plus it makes every drink a creamy vanilla dream.

Together, Herbal Coffee and CCB create the Sunrise Glow Latte. It’s the perfect caffeine-free, plant-based pairing of superfoods and herbs – a gentler, easier, benefit-packed routine, from gut health to glowing skin. 


Here’s how to make it:

  • Combine 2 tsp Herbal Coffee, 2 tsp Coconut Collagen Boost, and ~2 oz hot water. Whisk until frothy!
  • Top with 8 oz milk of your choice, hot or iced.
  • Sip the sunrise! 

It’s that easy. Swap your coffee and shop the limited collab!

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