Bliss Maker Ice Cream Recipe

Bliss Maker Ice Cream Recipe

We partnered with our friends at Coconut Bliss to create the ultimate plant-based ice cream kit. Make your own dreamy, plant-based ice cream in a flash from the comfort of your home! Boost it with Pure Matcha or Shroom Shield with the recipe below: 



  • 1 carton soft serve base (vanilla or chocolate)
  • 4 tsp. Pure Matcha or 2 tbsp. Shroom Shield
  • Topping ideas: chocolate chips, pretzels, chopped nuts, fresh fruit



  1. Freeze the mixing bowl for at least 24 hours before using
  2. Assemble the machine, turn on the Bliss Maker and set the timer for 30 minutes
  3. Add your soft serve base and superfood booster
  4. Option to add in toppings while the ice cream thickens 
  5. Once the timer rings, add as much ice cream as you want to bowls and transfer the rest to the silicone container 
  6. Get creative and top off your ice cream bowl with your favorite toppings
  7. Grab spoons and share with your friends! 



Share your ice cream combos!

Snap a pic of your superfood ice cream and tag us on Instagram at @golde or show us how you make it on TikTok and tag us @hellogolde

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