The Golden Kit — Save $10!

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The Golden Kit

Because three is better than one! Enjoy the full suite of our tonic blends, and save a few bucks. 

The Original Golde blend is our daily go-to for skin glow, immunity, and muscle recovery post-workout.*

The Cacao Golde blend tastes like a spicy hot cocoa and packs the stress-busting power of raw cacao.*

The Matcha Golde blend is made with premium Japanese green tea to boost your energy levels without the coffee jitters.*


The Golden Kit contains:

  • 1 pouch Original GOLDE
  • 1 pouch Cacao GOLDE
  • 1 pouch Matcha GOLDE

Each pouch contains 30 daily servings
No added sugars/sweeteners
Vegan and Keto friendly :)



  • Gut health*
  • Skin glow*
  • Immune boost*
  • Workout recovery*

Try this: Golden Oats

  • Stir 2 tsp. of your favorite tonic blend into oatmeal
  • Top with yogurt, nut butter, or honey!
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