The Golden Hour with Trinity Mouzon

The Golden Hour with Trinity Mouzon


Hi! I'm Trinity — you might know me as the co-founder and CEO here at GOLDE. We're so excited to be launching a new series of features on TGH, showcasing how friends of the brand incorporate self-care into their favorite time of day. I'm thrilled to kick us off with my own routine. Read on for tips on where to get the freshest produce, a beauty-boosting shower hack, and of course a turmeric tonic shoutout. 


My golden hour is: Saturday mornings.


I’m definitely a morning person, and Saturdays are the perfect time for me to catch up on life after a hectic week. They’re also supposedly my lucky day as a Capricorn, so maybe that factors in.


Usually I’m up around 6am (I told you I’m a morning person!). The day starts with me putting on some hot water for a golden latte. It’s so important to hydrate first thing in the AM after sleep. While that heats up, I’m usually checking emails (sorry) and tidying up the apartment a bit.



My go-to latte recipe is really simple — you can find it here. I like to mix it up between all three flavors, but lately I’ve really been loving the matcha. I usually can’t have caffeine because it gives me the shakes, but the clean energy of matcha blended with the fat from the coconut in our blend keeps me from feeling jittery. I usually “skip” breakfast and eat around 11am when I start to feel hungry.


Post-latte, I hop in the shower. My number one beauty secret is installing a filter on your shower-head that removes chlorine. The chlorine is added to your tap water to purify it, but it has terrible effects on your skin (and possibly your health due to inhaling the chloroform that is released into shower steam). This makes a huge difference in my skin and hair. For products, I keep it simple. African black soap to wash, and pure jojoba oil afterwards to lock in moisture. On my face I’ll usually add a vitamin C serum to brighten and protect from free radicals in the environment.




After I’m dressed, I head out with my partner Issey for our non-negotiable Saturday morning ritual — a trip to the Union Square Farmers Market. We always stop at Lani’s Farm. They have the best produce. If you’re there really early in the morning, all the chefs are there too buying their ingredients for the day. Now that it’s finally Spring, the selection is fantastic. We’ll grab our groceries there, stop at a few other stands for the rest of our staples (eggs, raw cheese, mushrooms), and then head home to put together a big salad with whatever we got.




For me, The Golden Hour is a time to recharge, reflect, and prioritize what makes you feel good. That sounds like a pretty good definition of self care to me.

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