The Golden Hour with Nicole Berrie from Bonberi

The Golden Hour with Nicole Berrie from Bonberi

We sat down with our friend Nicole Berrie, the founder of one of Golde’s earliest stockists Bonberi, to chat all things motherhood and self-care. Read on to get to know her and how she’s leaning into wellness as a busy mom and founder!


What does self-care mean to you? 

For me self care goes beyond the treatments, the appointments, and the outside self-care. Taking care of your SOUL and doing what makes you feel like light from the inside out is my favorite form of self-care. This changes throughout my journey but currently meditation is one of my favorite forms of self-care (& my morning quiet time after drop-off with my homemade nut milk latte from the mart).


As a mom, how do you teach self-care to your kids, and why is it important to pass down these rituals? 

Teaching self-care to my children means that I teach them healthy boundaries with themselves and the world. What that looks like is taking care of their needs and making sure they are able to express their emotions/feelings comfortably. Teaching children how to communicate is one of the biggest ways we can implement self respect, which in turn correlates to respect for others & the world :) We practice this daily by asking our children how they are feeling about things when there are moments of discomfort and in addition expressing how we are feeling outwardly as well as partners. 


What’s the best wellness tip you learned from your own mom? 

My mom is a caregiver in every sense of the word, she is constantly selflessly giving love, food, and patience to me and my brother and now to my children. Self-care for her is cooking and I am so lucky that I too have the gifts she’s passed down to me. 


What’s your Golden Hour (aka your favorite time of the day for self-care and feeling your best)?

Any micro moments that I can squeeze in with myself are crucial. I usually have a non-negotiable unplugging hour to workout/ sweat/ move daily and then it’s back to regularly scheduled programming of running a brand, business, and being a mom!


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