The Golden Hour with Asia Grant from Redoux

The Golden Hour with Asia Grant from Redoux

Meet Asia Grant, longtime friend of Golde and founder of Redoux (we’re partial to their Turmeric Botanical Bar)! In honor of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Asia to learn how she shares self-care with her lovely mom – and to chat all things wellness as a busy entrepreneur:


What does self-care look like for you?

Self-care for me looks like the small, intentional moments I take for myself every day. Sometimes it shows up in my daily rituals like my morning latte or meditation, or in more spontaneous moments like rescheduling a meeting to go grab a croissant from my favorite bakery.


What's your favorite wellness tip/ritual that you have learned from your mom?

Stretch before bed! You’ll sleep 100x better!


How do you and your mom create moments of shared wellness? Why is it important to carve out that time together?

My mom and I speak every day, sometimes even 2 to 3 times a day so we have built a sense of accountability around our individual wellness into our relationship. We also look at wellness as a balance between the mind, body, and spirit so we try to share moments that hit on all three when we are together. For example, one of our favorite things to do is a Sunday morning hike, where we talk about our highs and lows of the previous week, things that have brought us joy recently, and anything we may want a second opinion on. When we are done, we either go to one of our favorite lunch spots or relax over a Shroom Shield Latte. We both have pretty demanding schedules and are extremely type A people, so these moments are the times when we can both slow down and enjoy peace together.


What's your Golden Hour?

My preferred Golden Hour is first thing in the morning—between 5 and 6am, often when many people are still asleep or just waking up. I love how quiet everything is at that hour, which makes me feel I have the space and time to move at my own pace with whatever I need (or want) to do. My mornings usually consist of exercise, reading, and planning out the tasks of my day and if I get it all done before 8am I feel on top of the world!


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