Meet the Super-Ades!

Meet the Super-Ades!

Meet the Super-Ades! Small and mighty, these portable packets are there for you wherever you are, for whatever you need – hydration, gut support, or destressing.


Why we love them:

  • Skin Hydration Ade supports your skin from within! Made with pomegranate and amla berry, and boosted with plumping hyaluronic acid, Skin Hydration Ade helps you glow on days when you’re feeling dry with a delicious natural watermelon flavor.

  • Debloat Ade is your just-add-water BFF for gut health! Whether you need daily support or a helping hand after a big meal, we love Debloat Ade for its juicy pineapple flavor, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and ginger that all work to help you reset.
  • Destress Ade is there for you if you’re feeling anxious, have a busy day, or need help relaxing before bed! Boosted with calming magnesium and lemon balm, Destress Ade has a dreamy blueberry flavor and is our favorite way to wind down.

    How to use the Super-Ades:
    It’s beautifully simple: just mix them into water! We recommend a 6-8oz serving for optimal flavor, but you can totally get creative – we love adding them to sparkling water, coconut water, or whipping up a Super-Ade Chia Refesher. Check out more recipes on our TikTok and Pinterest if you’re feeling fancy! 


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