Matcha Strawberry Latte Popsicles with Jazmine Rogers

Matcha Strawberry Latte Popsicles with Jazmine Rogers

A mix of strawberries, coconut milk and Pure Matcha has made this our go-to summer recipe for a day in the sun. While you wait for the popsicles to freeze in your fridge, read along and get to know the creator of the recipe, Jazmine Rogers (@ThatCurlyTop), as she discusses her Golden Hour and first steps to quitting fast fashion! 



1 tsp of Pure Matcha

1 can of coconut milk

1 tbs of honey

2 cups of strawberries

2 tbs of brown sugar



1. Blend coconut milk, honey and matcha together

2. Pour blend into molds for top layer, about ¾ of the mold

3. Freeze for an hour with popsicle sticks

4. Pulse strawberries and brown sugar in a blender and fill the rest of the molds

5. Freeze for another 4 hours and enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I’m a Black + Mexican 24 year-old creator based in San Diego. I run a sustainable fashion and lifestyle account called @ThatCurlyTop, where I try to discuss intersectional environmental justice in a fun and graceful way. When I’m not posing in thrifted outfits or making Golde lattes, you can find me dancing, playing sims, attempting to garden, trying a new recipe, or creating videos for my Youtube channel. 


What is your favorite Golde product and how do you use it? 

Ohh that’s a hard one, but I think the Cacao Turmeric Latte blend is my favorite. I know I post myself using the Turmeric Matcha blend in my smoothies a lot, but nothing beats drinking a cup of warm Cacao Turmeric with oat milk and honey for me. 

What is your Golden Hour? 

My Golden Hour is in the morning when I first wake up, sipping on a yummy drink, and hanging out with my husband and little kitty.


First steps to quitting fast fashion? Or, how does one start transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle? 

It’s all about tweaking your current interests to become more sustainable, you don’t have to lose who you are. For example, I’ve always loved fashion. Eventually I discovered how destructive the industry is, and learned how to quit fast fashion. These days fashion is still a huge part of my life, but I’ve learned to do it the right way. I think this applies to everything. I encourage people to take some of the immediate pressure of themself though, because while our individual decisions are indeed important, it’s policy change that is going to make the real difference in preserving our incredible planet. Let’s get voting people!


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