Is Your Matcha Good Quality?

Is Your Matcha Good Quality?

There are tons of different matcha products out there, and it can be hard to know if you’re getting the good stuff! Here are the easiest ways you can tell if your matcha powder is actually high-quality:


The best matcha is known as ceremonial grade matcha, which is made from younger, shade-grown tea leaves. These leaves have a higher concentration of l-theanine (an amino acid that’s incredible for your brain) and chlorophyll, which is what gives quality matcha its signature green color. You’ll want to look for a matcha that’s a deeper, vibrant green color. Lower quality matcha powder will appear more yellow- or even brown-toned. 


Your matcha should be ultra fine and silky, almost like baby powder. If your matcha is gritty at all, it’s probably time to find another kind.


Quality matcha powder shouldn’t be bitter! Look for a slightly sweet, subtle taste. Since it’s made from more mature tea leaves, lower-quality matcha will have a more bitter flavor. (Note: if you’ve purchased ceremonial grade matcha and it tastes bitter, make sure you’re using warm water to whisk it, not hot or boiling. Water that’s too hot will burn your matcha and make it taste bitter, even if it’s high-quality.)


Sourcing matters, too! Finding a matcha powder that comes from Japan is your best bet, but the very best matcha comes from the Uji region of Japan, which is known as the “birthplace of matcha.” 

The bottom line

To get the very best (and most delicious) matcha that will give you the health benefits you’re looking for, look for:

  • Deep, vibrant green color
  • Ultra-fine, silky texture
  • Slightly sweet flavor – not bitter!
  • Ideally sourced from Uji, Japan

Our favorite ceremonial grade matcha is Pure Matcha – it’s organic, shade-grown in Uji, Japan, and much more affordable per serving than your average high-quality matcha powder. Shop now and start your matcha routine with the best!

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