Best Healthy Coffee Creamer

Best Healthy Coffee Creamer

We can all agree that coffee creamer is delicious, and often makes that morning cup of joe worth drinking in the first place. But, so many creamers out there are on the more unhealthy side of the nutritional spectrum – lots of sugar, fillers, and heavy oils – all the stuff that doesn’t help you start your day feeling your best. What if there was a solution that made your coffee rich and creamy, that was also actually good for your body?

Coconut Collagen Boost has entered the chat: a vegan collagen creamer made to fill the gap in your morning routine. It’s dairy free, with no added sugar, gums, or fillers, and tastes like a vanilla marshmallow dream. The best part? Coconut Collagen Boost is full of vegan superfoods that actually boost your body’s own collagen production – leading to stronger nails, healthier hair, and smoother, glowing skin.

Vegan collagen?!

​​Typical collagen supplements come from animal sources, like cows and fish, since collagen doesn’t naturally occur in plants. But, if the idea of cowhide in your morning coffee makes you a little queasy, don’t worry – vegan collagen is here for you. Since (fun fact!) your body can produce collagen all on its own, vegan collagen supplements are designed to give your body the plant-based building blocks it needs (like silica) to produce more of its own collagen and give you healthier hair, skin, and nails. Supplementing with these nutrients can strengthen your skin and help protect against your collagen levels diminishing over time.

Not your average collagen creamer:

Coconut Collagen Boost is an *actually* healthy alternative to your typical coffee creamer, and contains 200 mg of full-plant bamboo extract per serving, which is the world's richest plant source of silica (alongside 1000 mcg of biotin to further help strengthen the skin and 80 mg of hyaluronic acid – sourced from fermented vegetables – to hydrate the skin from within). Coconut Collagen Boost gets its creamy flavor from biodynamic coconut milk, tastes like a vanilla marshmallow, and dissolves seamlessly in your coffee (and more)! Superwhisk it up for clump-free, cafe-worthy froth.

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