Bamboo Whisk 101

Bamboo Whisk 101

For many of us, using a bamboo whisk (also known as a chasen) is essential to our matcha routines. Read on as we break down everything you need to know about maintaining and using a bamboo whisk! 


Prep your whisk:   

If it’s your first time using your whisk, pour warm water into a bowl and let the tines soak. This will help the tines unfurl and straighten! Every time you make matcha, whisk your chasen in warm water to soften the bamboo and get it ready to whisk.  


How to whisk:   

Gently whisk in a light,fast M or W shaped motion. We all want that perfect foam, but don’t go overboard with the amount of pressure you put onto the whisk. The key is to be gentle and not to press or scrape the whisk against the bottom of the bowl. 


How to clean and store it:  

Wash your whisk as soon as you are finished with it — this makes it easy to rinse off and keep clean. To clean your whisk, simply rinse with warm water. If matcha is allowed to sit on the whisk after use, you can gently use your fingers to clean off any splotches. Do not use any soaps, detergents, or sponges on your whisk. Gently rest the whisk tines down to dry to prevent water from pooling in the handle and creating moisture for mold to grow. Once it’s 100% dry, flip it so it’s resting on the handle or store on a holder to be ready for your next latte!



Additional Tips:   

  • The best way to clean your matcha whisk is with warm water immediately after use. Using sponges, detergents, or soaps can damage your handmade whisk!This is a non-negotiable: never put your whisk in the dishwasher
  • Don’t forget to clean your whisk’s holder! Simple, yet you wouldn’t believe how many of us  forget. 


Share your matcha pics with us! 

We want to see your matcha creations! Snap a pic and post it to Instagram and tag @golde or share your video with us on TikTok tagging @hellogolde!

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