A Guide to Non-Dairy Milks

A Guide to Non-Dairy Milks

By now you've probably heard about the many non-dairy milks out there and all the delicious things you can make with them, from coconut milk smoothies to oat milk matcha lattes. If you're like us at Team Golde, you might have some questions about where to start. That’s why we created a cheat sheet to help you know your cashew from your coconut!

Flavor: mild and creamy

Perks: source of fiber

Fyi: may contain added oils

Yummy for: lattes and baking

Flavor: super creamy and nutty

Perks: easiest to make at home

Fyi: can be pricey

Yummy for: coffee creamer

Flavor: lightly nutty and sweet

Perks: source of vitamin E

Fyi: high water waste from farming

Yummy for: coffee, tea, overnight oats


Flavor: super creamy and coconut-y

Perks: adds richness to drinks and treats

Fyi: very high in fat (coconut oil)

Yummy for: plant-based ice cream


If you're wondering where to start, try these Matcha Strawberry Latte Popsicles created with coconut milk. Can't wait to see what you create using different types of milks! 

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