Tips for a Sensitive Stomach

Tips for a Sensitive Stomach

Dealing with a sensitive stomach can be a struggle, and trying to figure out food sensitivities can be overwhelming and super time-consuming! Whether you’re dealing with occasional irritation or full-time sensitivity, we’ve gathered our easiest, most accessible non-food-related ways to keep the gut happy and healthy. Here are our top tips for a sensitive stomach:

  1. Stay hydrated! Maintaining your water intake helps prevent constipation, which is a leading cause of bloating and other gut issues. Hate drinking water? Add a Super-Ade for a juicy flavor boost powered by whole superfoods + proven active ingredients to support sleep, gut health, and skin hydration.

    Having a warm bev after eating can also be extra helpful for proper digestion, and drinking lots of water may also help diversify your microbiome itself! 

  2. Try limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake. Both these substances can be super irritating to the stomach and digestive tract! Lower your consumption gradually and see how you feel :)

  3. Maybe easier said than done, but reducing stress can go a long way in improving gut health – the gut-brain connection is too real! We rec getting into a meditation or yoga practice (just 5-10 mins per day can make a difference!). Gentle exercise, like yoga, can also help stimulate healthy gut activity and get your system moving.

  4. Supplements can help, too! Try adding Pineapple Debloat to your water for an extra-juicy boost of probiotics, ginger, and digestive enzymes. It takes just a few seconds to mix up, and goes to work immediately!

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