The Golden Hour with Bianca Valle

The Golden Hour with Bianca Valle

November 20, 2018


I would say that my Golden Hour is the morning. I’m such a big morning person, I always have been. I naturally wake up around 7:30am and the first thing I do is go exercise.

What I do exercise wise really depends on the season. This past summer, I went through a big running chapter. I would wake up and go run about 6 miles every day around Manhattan. After that, I would walk into La Colombe (dripping sweat) and order an oat milk latte. I am such a fiend for oat milk. 


Bianca Valle


After that, I go home, shower, change, and usually while I’m doing all of this I’ll listen to an audiobook, or a podcast or music. I love constantly listening to new things and gathering information, whether its discovering new songs or new ideas.


I actually just finished this audiobook today, 101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think and I’m so sad it’s over. Personally, I build this relationship with audiobooks. It’s really comforting to have someone there, speaking with you almost. You become attached, and you fall into a routine where whenever you have idle moments, your audiobook is right there with you. So that’s definitely a huge part of my Golden Hour.


So then I’ll have breakfast, which is usually a banana with some sort of nut butter, or eggs — or sometimes it’s oatmeal. I also love making a warm turmeric latte with Golde’s Original Turmeric Blend. It’s so satisfying and nourishing at the same time. Those are the things I have on breakfast menu rotation.

Bianca Valle

I’m currently working towards becoming a holistic nutritionist, and I think that many of our wellness questions can be solved with what we ingest. I believe that our gut is a big life force, and what we put into our bodies gives us the energy to follow our life mission. So, putting good things in will only give you good things in return. For me, that’s whole foods that are in season, nothing processed.

 Bianca Valle

It’s super important to put a little bit of time and energy into nourishing yourself so that you can really perform. Along with that, I think exercise (whether it’s a walk around the block or running marathons) is something that’s incredibly important to feeling well also.


I feel like my life mission is democratizing wellness, and making it a priority for people in an accessible way.

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