The Frothiest Plant-Based Milks

The Frothiest Plant-Based Milks

The perfect cloud of foam is often what separates a plant-based latte from your favorite coffee shop and one you make yourself. Many non-dairy milks out there aren’t the frothiest due to their lower protein and fat levels compared to dairy, but we’ve rounded up the best plant milks for making coffee shop-quality beverages at home!



Oat Milk

It wouldn’t be a plant-milk lineup without oat milk! Maybe the queen of non-dairy milks, oat milk is the closest in taste and texture to dairy, and has the protein and fiber to help its foam maintain a more stable structure. We especially love a barista version to take your froth to new heights! 

Soy Milk

It’s no secret that soy milk has fallen out in favor of trendier milks over the last decade, but hear us out: it’s one of the best choices out there if you’re looking for a frothy latte. High in protein (great for froth!) and providing all essential amino acids, it’s an OG for a reason!

Pistachio Milk

It’s a bit harder to find than oat and soy milks, but it’s worth the hunt – pistachio milk is one of our absolute favorites. It has a velvety texture, and foams beautifully due to the protein content in pistachios. The light, nutty taste is a perfect complement to coffee and matcha! 

Whatever milk you choose, our favorite ultra-easy way to froth it is with our Superwhisk! Check out our Pinterest and TikTok for recipes to pair with your plant milk of choice!

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