Superwhisk 101

Superwhisk 101

Your comprehensive guide to our bestselling Superwhisk! We’re breaking down how to use it, clean it, and charge it so you can make perfect frothy lattes at home.

Superwhisking 101:

  1. Use your Superwhisk in cups that are no more than 40% full (it’s super strong and any more liquid will cause a spill). Submerge the head of your Superwhisk before turning it on.
  2. Superwhisk has two speeds: fast and superfast. For most whisking purposes, we recommend using the first speed. Press the power button once for the first speed, or twice for the second speed.
  3. Pro tip: whisking for 30-60 seconds makes the foam double in size ☁️☁️☁️ 
  4. Power down Superwhisk by pressing the power button until it stops (twice if you’re whisking at speed 1 and once if you’re at speed 2).
  5. Once the whisk is powered down, remove it from your cup and get ready to clean it!  


  • Daily clean: fill a cup with warm soapy water, then whisk water with Superwhisk to clean.
  • Deep clean: first, remove the metal frother head (gently pull on the neck – it should come apart easily!) and wash with soap and water. You can also place it in the dishwasher for an even deeper clean.
  • Pro tip: use a reusable straw cleaning brush to clean between the head’s rings.
  • Be sure not submerge the electronic body of the Superwhisk in liquid – this will damage the battery.
  • Allow the head to dry completely before replacing the cap + storing. Pro tip: run Superwhisk for a few seconds afterward to fling off any excess water. 


  • To charge Superwhisk, lift the tab on the base of the whisk (next to the power button) to access the charging port.  
  • Once plugged in, you'll notice a solid red light if Superwhisk needs to be charged. This light will turn solid green light once the whisk is fully charged.
  • Charging times will vary, based on how depleted the Superwhisk battery is. 

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