Meet the NEW Super-Ades!

Meet the NEW Super-Ades!

Our bestselling Super-Ades got a boost! Your just-add-water fruity fix for hydration, debloating, and chilling out – now with 8 sticks per box, fresh 30-serving pouches, *and* extra-juicy formula upgrades! 


Watermelon Glow – supports skin from within

  • Hyaluronic acid + amla berry hydrate and plump skin
  • Refreshing real watermelon flavor
  • Take it: anytime for that extra-glass-of-water glow


Pineapple Debloat – just-add-water gut support

  • Digestive enzymes + probiotics ease bloating
  • Juicy pineapple flavor – like vacation in a cup
  • Take it: for occasional tummy trouble


Blueberry Calm – our favorite way to wind down

  • Magnesium + lemon balm support chill and relieve stress
  • Dreamy blueberry flavor!
  • Take it: before bed for deeper, easier sleep


How to use the Super-Ades:

It’s super simple: just stir and sip! We recommend adding a serving of your favorite Super-Ade to 6-8oz of cold water for optimal flavor. They’re also delicious mixed with seltzer or coconut water! We’ve got tons of recipes on our TikTok and Pinterest if you want to get creative!

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