How We Formulate Our Products

How We Formulate Our Products

Hi y’all! We’ve launched a bunch of new products this year (with one more up our sleeves...), and we wanted to walk you through how that actually happens.

Product dev is where we (Trinity and Issey) take the lead in collaboration with our marketing, sales, and operations teams. The process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years (!)

Formulation: step by step!

1. Community insight: We’re constantly looking for feedback from you guys on what you’re loving or what you’d like to see next. Keep an eye out for community surveys, or just send us your thoughts over email/DM anytime.

2. Ideation: The fun begins! We concept out the product, including the benefits, highlighted superfoods, and packaging design. This process happens organically over time, with up to a dozen SKUs in this stage at any given moment.

3. Kitchen magic: Next up, we start mixing up some superfoods ourselves! We started the biz out of our kitchen, so we still love to start the process here, playing with flavors by hand.

4. Formulation: Once we have a working idea of the ingredients, we pass this along to a professional formulator who will take into account dosing of the active ingredients to ensure the product is safe and effective for all.

5. Ingredient sourcing: We now confirm the final sources for any ingredients, with a focus on superfoods that are sustainably grown with regenerative agriculture in mind.

6. Pilot run: The last step before we go big! The pilot run is a limited run of products in the final packaging which allows us to confirm everything is to spec. We’ll share these units with folks in our community for final feedback, to confirm that everything from the flavor to the packaging mechanics are on point.

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