Gut Health Hacks

Gut Health Hacks

We all know gut health is super important (it contributes to everything from how clear your skin is to your immune function!), but it can definitely be overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve gathered our top gut health hacks to help you have a healthier, happier gut – in 5 minutes or less:

  1. Water! It sounds almost too simple, but keeping your water intake up helps move things through your digestive tract and prevents constipation, which is a leading cause of bloating and other gut issues. Drinking lots of water may also help diversify your microbiome itself!

  2. Try a quick yoga sesh! Getting a little movement in – even just 5-10 minutes – really does help. We rec poses like wind-relieving pose + spinal twists to get your system moving.

  3. Fermented foods! Adding a bit of sauerkraut, yogurt, or kombucha to your daily diet can help diversify your microbiome and lead to a healthier gut!

  4. Maybe the easiest hack of all: add Pineapple Debloat to your water for an extra-juicy boost of probiotics, ginger, and digestive enzymes. It takes just a few seconds to mix up, and goes to work immediately!
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