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Superwhisk + Original Turmeric Kit

Your turmeric lattes have never been frothier. Pair your Superwhisk with our Original Turmeric Latte Blend with 6 essential superfoods to support skin glow, debloating, and immunity.

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Each Kit Contains

Original Turmeric: Boost your skin + gut health from within with our bestselling blend of turmeric, coconut, and more.

Superwhisk: A USB-rechargeable whisk that instantly froths your favorite superfood lattes to perfection. Handheld and rechargeable, so it goes wherever you do.


coconut milk powder (coconut milk, tapioca starch, acacia gum)*, turmeric**, ginger*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, black pepper*

* = certified organic

** = organically grown

How To Make a Turmeric Latte

Superwhisk is super strong. Always use your Superwhisk in a cup that is no more than 40% full to prevent splashing!

  1. Scoop 1-2 tsp. of Original Turmeric Latte Blend into a cup and pour a couple ounces of hot water or milk over.
  2. Insert Superwhisk into your latte at a slight angle close to the cup's wall.
  3. Power on! Whisk until it's as frothy as you like.
  4. Power down and remove Superwhisk from your cup.