Superwhisk Sampler Kit

Boost your daily routine with travel-friendly sachets of 3 flavors of superfood lattes and a powerful Superwhisk. 

A $46 value, yours for $40 — Save $6!

Pre-Order: Expected to ship by early May. If you place a pre-order, your complete order will ship when all products are in stock.


Featured Benefits

Original Turmeric: Boost your skin + gut health from within with our bestselling blend of turmeric, coconut, and more.

Cacao Turmeric: Like a hot cocoa with benefits, this powder blend of 7 essential superfoods supports skin health, debloating, and stress balance.

Matcha Turmeric: Energize your routine with 7 essential superfoods to support skin health, metabolism, and serene focus.

Superwhisk: A USB-rechargeable whisk that instantly froths your favorite superfood lattes to perfection. Handheld and rechargeable, so it goes wherever you do.

How To Use Your Superwhisk

Superwhisk is super strong. Always use your Superwhisk in a cup that is no more than 40% full to prevent splashing!

  1. Insert Superwhisk into your latte at a slight angle close to the cup's wall.
  2. Power on! Whisk until it's as frothy as you like.
  3. Power down and remove Superwhisk from your cup.